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Paying too much tax?

Seeking advice on estate planning, investment optimisation, HMRC visits, or project management challenges?
Our tax and wealth management team offers expert guidance tailored to your unique needs. From maximising benefits for your dependents to improving investment returns, we provide independent assessments and tax-efficient strategies.
Secure your financial future with our reliable expertise and ensure peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Need an opinion on how your business is performing and where to take it next?

Our expert audit & accounting team offers a comprehensive financial assessment of your business, providing independent insights and recommendations to drive your business forward. 

We can also assist in identifying potential grants and incentives from Government and/or EU sources to support your business growth. Trust us to guide you towards your desired business destination.

Need to find out more about the business you are thinking about buying?

Our extensive network of professionals and clients enables us to connect you with potential buyers for your business or assist in identifying opportunities for growth.

We provide strategic advice on business disposal options, helping you maximise the sale price and minimise tax implications. We also offer guidance for your next steps and help you create the legacy you envision.

Count on us to facilitate connections and provide valuable insights for achieving your business goals.

Do you want to become more competitive?

Our team of experts covers accounting, tax planning, strategy, project management, and business development. We offer guidance on business planning, cost reduction, finance, restructuring, HR, technology, and marketing. 

We assess your business and provide recommendations for increased competitiveness. We also help you benchmark against similar businesses to make informed decisions. For further guidance, have a look at what we can do for you on the following pages.

Are you managing your key business risks?

Regularly assessing and managing risks is essential for your business. We can help you identify strategic, financial, people, operational, and legal risks.

Together, we’ll develop an action plan to address each risk as it arises.

Thinking about introducing a new finance system?

We offer comprehensive support for your finance system project. This includes guiding you in selecting the right system, assisting with installation, and training your finance team. 

Our expertise has helped numerous clients implement new finance systems, optimise online/cloud solutions, and improve financial reporting. 

Let us help you gain better insights into your business operations.

Is your back office operating as well as it could?

Making the right choices in managing your business finances can have significant benefits. It can save you money, resources, and time, allowing you and your management team to focus on business growth and customer satisfaction. 

We provide advice on various options, including online accounting services, outsourcing finance functions, and accounting secondments. 

Getting it wrong can be costly, damaging both financially and reputationally. Let us help you make the right decisions for your business’s success.

Are you taking advantage of employer-tax savings?

Tax planning is crucial for saving money and optimising resource allocation in your business. It allows you to take advantage of available allowances and reliefs while ensuring you attract and retain top talent. 

Our expertise covers PAYE, NI, salary sacrifice, flexible benefits, and P11D. We also offer tax health-checks to ensure compliance with legislation and minimise unnecessary payments to HMRC. 

Let us help you maximise tax efficiency and keep more of your hard-earned money.

One of your finance managers has just left and you’re having a few problems plugging the gap.

We offer short-term accounting support or can take over your bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and audit responsibilities to overcome resource challenges. Our advisors will also help you explore the benefits of online accounting solutions. 

We provide tailored recommendations for both short and long-term solutions.

Is your payroll system ready for auto-enrolment?

Our AE guide provides clear instructions on your duties as an employer, conducting pension assessments, contribution amounts, and an overview of available schemes. It also includes estimated costs for setting up and managing pension schemes. 

Guide Synopsis

For a full copy of the guide, please email Jacqueline May, Elizabeth McQuarrie, or Jim Croly, or call us at 0141 272 0000.

Need more from your management accounts & MI?

We assist with financial projections, management accounts, and financial statements. Our support includes providing helpful tools, guidance, and staff training. Additionally, we can review your management accounting software and procedures to pinpoint areas that can be enhanced.

By ensuring reliable and precise management accounts and improved management information, we enable better performance, increased profitability, and confident decision-making.

Thinking about purchasing new plant, equipment or machinery?

Before making any decisions, ensure you explore all possible tax reliefs, potential VAT savings, and available grants for funding your production line or purchase. 

Our advisers will assess your financing plans and the implications on your business, balance sheet, and future tax position.

Need some help finding a buyer for your business?

Our extensive network of professionals and clients enables us to connect you with potential buyers for your business or assist in identifying opportunities for growth.

We provide strategic advice on business disposal options, helping you maximise the sale price and minimise tax implications. We also offer guidance for your next steps and help you create the legacy you envision.

Count on us to facilitate connections and provide valuable insights for achieving your business goals.

Experiencing a few temporary trading problems?

Our knowledgeable specialists can assist you by swiftly evaluating your situation and collaborating with your management team, bankers, and supply chain as needed. 

With expertise in enhancing business performance, financial modeling, strategic planning, and various areas such as raising additional finance, invoice financing, business development, and restructuring, we provide comprehensive advice tailored to your specific needs.

Do you need to improve your cash flow management?

Our expertise lies in optimising your cash flow by offering valuable advice on effective cash flow management, debtor management, and streamlining sales ledger processing. 

With our guidance, you can accelerate your cash inflow and improve overall financial stability.

Are you having problems integrating a business you have just bought?

We specialise in streamlining integration processes and have extensive experience in dealing with common integration challenges. Our expertise will assist you in identifying key priorities, cost savings, and synergies. 

Additionally, we can offer additional resources to expedite the integration process. Furthermore, we provide tailored guidance on enhancing systems and developing an effective IT strategy.

Do you need advice on personal tax planning and tax returns?

Our tax and wealth management experts specialise in reducing tax liabilities and optimising investment returns. 

Whether you need assistance with income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, land and building transactions tax, or ensuring that you’ve taken advantage of all applicable allowances and reliefs, we’re here to provide the guidance you need.

Have you recently inherited money and/or assets and need independent investment advice?

Our experts will analyse your investment options and create a tailored wealth strategy to maximise your returns. We’ll also assess your risk profile to ensure that your investments align with your comfort level.

Do you want to ensure that your dependents receive the maximum benefit from your estate after your death?

Our wealth management specialists will assist you in creating a comprehensive contingency plan to ensure financial security in case of unexpected death or disability. 

Additionally, we can help facilitate a seamless transfer of your assets to your dependents or chosen beneficiaries.

Do you want to improve the return on your investment portfolio?

Our dedicated wealth managers will provide professional guidance and actively monitor your investments, ensuring regular reviews in response to market changes and developments.

HMRC have advised you to expect a visit and you’re not sure what to expect.

We provide support and preparation for investigations, drawing from our experience with previous clients. 

We will ensure you and your finance team are fully briefed and ready to answer potential questions. 

Additionally, we can conduct a pre-investigation health check on your business to ensure tax compliance and planning.

Is your business project behind schedule and over budget?

We can assist you in getting your project back on track. 

Our advisers will provide you with professional project management advice and help with project implementation, ensuring that your projects are delivered within the specified timeline and budget.