Funding Options

Most businesses reach a point where in order to keep growing and remain competitive, they will need to access external funding to help them achieve their ambitions.

You’ll most likely have a few questions that you’ll want to ask at this point:

  1. How much do you think I’ll need to fund the purchase?
  2. What funding options are available in my situation and what do you think is the most appropriate option?
  3. How will I get the funders interested in what I want to do?
  4. What information will the funder require and what criteria will I have to satisfy before they will agree to back me?
  5. Are there any grants, business incentives or tax reliefs available that I could apply for or qualify for?

Funding triggers

These ambitions could extend to buying a competitor, buying a business in your supply/customer chain, expanding your operations by opening a new office, a new site, a new department, buying new plant, equipment or machinery or opening a new office in a new territory.

Whatever your reason for seeking external finance to fund your plans for growth and whatever the prevailing economic conditions are, businesses can still access funding whether that’s debt, equity or grant finance – IF they have the right business case and proposition.

How can we help?

Our team has established connections with Scotland’s leading banks, venture capitalists, and private investors. With a proven track record, we excel in securing development capital for our clients. 

We will be able to discuss:

  • Assess your investment plans and discuss the purpose of the funding – we’ll also provide you with an early assessment on the likelihood of securing funding.
  • Review scope for potential funding – how much, over what term, security available, preferred repayment plan.
  • Affordability – we will run the numbers for you in terms of your ability to repay the debt.
  • Recommend the types of finance that are available to you from both private and public sector funders.
  • Guide you through the application process: from completing the application form to pitching your ideas, to potential investors, monitoring outcomes and providing investor progress reports.

What types of finance are available?

  • Asset backed debt – business term loans, overdrafts, factoring, invoice discounting, hire purchase and leasing.
  • Equity finance – venture capitalists, private equity & angel investment. Development capital in exchange for share in your business.
  • Mezzanine finance – debt capital which gives the lender the rights to convert to an ownership or equity stake in the company if the loan is not paid back within the agreed terms.
  • Other options: crowd funding for smaller debt/equity requirements, grants & other economic incentives.
  • Grants & economic incentives


There are various types of finance available, contact us and we will walk you through all of the options available to you.

Mark Tenby


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