Property & Construction

Navigating Scotland's property and construction landscape

Tailored solutions for growth
We recognise that in recent years, Scotland's property and construction sector has faced notable hurdles due to the prevailing uncertainty in both the wider Scottish and UK economies. 

Despite these challenges, the commercial property sector has emerged as a crucial component of Scotland's economy and future prosperity, with an estimated value of approximately £50 billion, representing nearly 6% of the country's GDP, as stated by the Scottish Property Federation.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including audit, accounting, and corporate finance advice, tailored specifically for clients in the property and construction sector. Our diverse client base within this sector includes developers, valuers, consultants, architects, surveyors, agents, financiers, builders, residential and commercial property businesses, as well as entities in the supply chain.

We assist clients in distinguishing between trading and investment properties and explore available reliefs, including entrepreneurial tax relief. 

Our advice extends to matters concerning directors and partnership taxation, the Construction Industry Scheme, and tax allowances and exemptions applicable to both individual companies and those within group structures.

Our specialist team also have the expertise required if you are looking to restructure the business to improve your competitiveness and we also can help you undertake due diligence on a specific acquisition be that buying another business, buying new premises or expanding your current operations.

Our compliance and advisory services include: