About us

We understand the importance of effective communication and strive to speak your language without ambiguity.

Founded in 1897, we have remained at the forefront of Scottish commerce by consistently and successfully helping businesses, charities, social enterprises and private individuals to account, comply, plan and forecast their future financial, business and personal requirements.

From our offices in Glasgow, we provide a range of audit, accounting, tax business advisory, corporate finance and financial services (Martin Aitken Financial Services Ltd).

We have grown and secured our market position in our 125-year history through organic growth, and a number of strategic mergers with other practices and continue to add to our service range and offerings to meet your demands. This has enabled us to cement ourselves as one of the largest independent medium-sized firms in Scotland.

Our Story

Alexander McEwan, a Member of the Glasgow Institute of Accountants and Actuaries founded the firm working alone until;
Hunter Martin joins the firm
James Aitken joins the firm creating the partnership Martin Aitken
The company is incorporated into the Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers of Glasgow
Martin’s son Graham becomes a partner
Introduces a Programme for Growth
Merged with Mackies Accountancy firm
Acquires Wardhaugh & McVean
Merged with Higgins, Campbell & Miller
WM Lockhart & Co join Martin Aitken
Acquire AS Fisher & Co
Merged with Miller Colquhoun (formerly Livingstone, McGowan & McKenna)
Acquisition of Jack Stone Financial Services
Merged with Cheetham & Co Chartered Accountants
Acquires Stranville John
Merged with Clark Andrews Chartered Accountants

Meet the Team

Each of our clients enjoys a permanent, direct relationship with one or more of our Directors and Managers.

This ensures that we always know where you are currently, where you are going and what you may need from our team.
How we work
Our Approach
Our Commitments 

Every client benefits from a lasting, direct relationship with one or more of our Directors and Managers. This ensures that we are always aware of your current position, future direction, and any upcoming needs you may have.

With a team consisting of 10 directors and over 90 skilled professionals in accounting, taxation, business consulting, and wealth management, we possess the necessary expertise, capabilities, and resources to advise businesses throughout their entire journey—from startup and growth phases to becoming established and profitable players in their respective markets.

Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive range of services encompassing wealth management, personal tax guidance, and estate planning advice tailored to individuals, company directors, and partnerships. Our aim is to help you plan for your future while ensuring compliance with legal and tax obligations.

Additionally, we are proud to collaborate with numerous third-sector organisations, providing them with the assurance of meeting their statutory, governance, reporting, and regulatory obligations. We also extend our expertise to offer advice on managing the charity, mitigating risks, and fulfilling corporate governance requirements.

When seeking guidance in the areas of accountancy, tax, business, or finance, it is essential to have an advisor who offers concise, actionable, and easily comprehensible answers.

You’ll receive a wealth of expertise and knowledge, enabling us to anticipate the challenges, opportunities, and potential future consequences stemming from the decisions you make today.

We understand the importance of effective communication and strive to speak your language without ambiguity.

Our primary goal is straightforward: we will be your dependable initial point of contact for all your audit, accounting, governance, reporting, taxation, and financial requirements.

Additionally, we are dedicated to assisting you in realising your vision, objectives, and desired return on investment.

Care, Success, Enjoyment.

Not often words you read on an accountancy firm’s website. But then again, it’s not often you will come across a firm like Martin Aitken & Co. Our brand values guide our actions, interactions, and positioning, aiming for client and firm success while fostering an exceptional work environment at MACO.


We are accurate, open, passionate, determined and available. We listen, we respect, and we are responsive to people’s needs.


We prioritise successful outcomes, progress, and mutually beneficial relationships. We embody confidence, delegation, motivation, and strive for excellent work that surpasses client expectations.


Our staff at Martin Aitken & Co take pleasure in delivering exceptional client service, sharing their commercial acumen, and fostering positive relationships. We build enthusiastic teams and cultivate long-term business and personal connections with our clients.

Caledonian Accounting Services Ltd

Caledonian Accounting Services Limited (CASL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Martin Aitken & Co. 

From limited companies, partnerships and franchises, you can benefit from a range of payroll and employer services.

Payroll and employer servicesAccounts and Bookkeeping

Clark Andrews Ltd

Clark Andrews merged with Martin Aitken & Co on 1st Nov 2022 and becomes part of the wider Martin Aitken Group.

Founded in 2005 by Robert Andrews & Karen Clark, Clark Andrews provide sole traders, limited companies, partnerships and charities with a range of accountancy, book-keeping, tax and business start-up advice.

Our clients now also have access to specialist corporate finance, business advisory and independent financial services, provided by the Martin Aitken Group. 

This provides you with the added benefit of receiving a broader range of accountancy, tax, growth, and financial advice whilst still maintaining the personal services of Clark Andrews that they value. 
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