Forecasting & Budget Planning

Have you considered where you would like your business to be this time next year and the year after that?

Do you desire a deeper insight into your future cash flow needs or a more precise and reliable budgeting process for day-to-day business operations?

Are you seeking financing from a bank or investor?

If so, it is essential to have robust financial and cash flow projections. These projections will aid in developing a comprehensive business plan and showcasing the credibility of your estimates and assumptions to others.

Budgeting & forecasting

Budgeting enables you to effectively manage costs and set spending limits for your business. Through variance analysis, we compare projected budgets to actual results, investigating the reasons behind any variances and assisting you in taking corrective actions.

Accurate profit and loss and cash flow forecasting are crucial for predicting future business performance and requirements. By understanding your current position, future direction, and resource needs, you can plan effectively, navigate unexpected events, and gain support for your business vision.

We can help you to:


  • Calculate accurate budget forecasts for the business and individual business units.
  • Produce management accounts.
  • Manage succession in the business and significant exits.
  • Plan for future acquisitions and disposals.
  • Develop the financial, management and forecast information that will enable you to develop a robust business plan.
  • Develop key performance indicators – both financial and non-financial – to help you to improve business, department and individual employee performance.
  • Analyse cashflows to improve product/service profitability.
  • Develop your pitch to the bank and/or other investors in order to secure additional finance.

We will help you understand the impact of any changes or deviations on your forecasts. By identifying sensitive areas and potential risks, we can establish suitable controls and key performance indicators (KPIs) for ongoing monitoring.


We can help you to produce forecasts and projections for a wide range of purposes including:


  • Start-up or an established business looking for additional finance.
  • If you are looking to purchase a business, new premises or new plant/equipment.
  • Help you to access grants and other economic incentives available from regional development agencies, and central and local government bodies.


Using financial modelling techniques and software, we will assist you in creating comprehensive financial forecasts, including profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These forecasts are invaluable if you are seeking to secure financing, sell your business, or gain a clearer understanding of future prospects.

Whether you need one-time forecasts or ongoing rolling forecasts, we can accommodate your specific requirements. 

Business Planning

No matter the stage of your business—whether you’re just starting, growing, restructuring, entering new markets, or seeking investment—it’s crucial to prove the economic viability of your ideas. 

We will help you:


  • Review your current business situation, including; strengths, weaknesses and risks.
  • Examine the potential opportunities you can exploit today and with some additional development/investment what you could exploit in future.
  • Financial projections, budgeting and forecasts.
  • Product/service analysis in terms of contribution and profitability.
  • Market research – customers, potential customers and competitor analysis.
  • Management and key team members: skills, capabilities and expertise, and any development/training needs required.
  • Develop your action plan which will inform the business plan and help to focus your efforts, resources and time management.

Contact us to find out how we can develop your business plan, identify areas for improvement in your strategies and highlight any potential risks as you implement your plan.

Ewen Dyer

Managing Director

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