Funding, Grants & Economic Incentives

Most businesses reach a point where in order to keep growing and remain competitive, they will need to access external funding to help them achieve their ambitions.

These ambitions could extend to buying a competitor, buying a business in your supply/customer chain, expanding your operations by opening a new office, a new site, a new department, buying new plant, equipment or machinery or opening a new office in a new area.

Whatever your reason for seeking external finance to fund your plans for growth and whatever the prevailing economic conditions are, businesses can still access funding whether that’s debt, equity or grant finance – IF they have the right business case and proposition.

Martin Aitken & Co’s advisers have long-standing relationships with Scotland’s main banks, venture capitalists and other private investors and we have an excellent track record of successfully obtaining development capital for our clients.

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Funding, Grants & Economic Incentives