Angel Investment & Angel Capital Scotland

Martin Aitken & Co is a corporate partner of Angel Capital Scotland, the new operating brand for LINC Scotland.

At a practical level, part of Angel Capital Scotland's role is to support and improve the functioning of the local business angel market.

At the individual deal level, Angel Capital Scotland focuses on improving the efficiency of the process by making targeted introductions to well-matched business angels amongst its members.

What is Martin Aitken & Co’s role?

We act for investors, high net-worth individuals and corporate bodies, and companies receiving investment. The corporate advisory team led by Mark McRae and Euan Ferries, provide advice at all stages of the investment process, including:

  • Providing an initial sounding board for companies seeking angel investment and investors looking to invest.
  • Getting the company investor ready e.g. preparing the business plan, financial projections over the investment period (and often beyond), preparing the pitch for funding
  • Sourcing and securing angel investment.
  • Deal structuring to ensure that the investment structure fits both the objectives of the investor(s) and the company. 
  • Tax impacts of the investment on individual investors and the companies receiving investment.
  • Maximising the available tax reliefs e.g. Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme 
  • Constructing a cocktail of investment funding – via angel investment, asset-backed debt e.g. bank loans, HP, alternative sources e.g. grants, mezzanine, crowdfunding 

We offer a full range of corporate finance, accounting and tax compliance advice and financial planning services via Martin Aitken Financial Services.

How does Angel investment work?

Angel investors provide funding to businesses in exchange for an equity stake. They support established businesses looking to grow and expand by offering financial backing and valuable expertise. 

Angel investors are motivated to see the business succeed and expect a clear plan outlining how the investment will be used and the expected returns. 

The equity stake they request can range from 10% to 50% depending on the investment size.

Equity financing, which involves granting a stake in your business to external investors in exchange for capital, is a worthwhile option to explore. 

Although not for everyone, it can be part of a diverse funding mix or an alternative to traditional debt financing, providing the necessary investment to propel your business to new heights.

For more information, contact Mark McRae, Director of Corporate Finance, for an initial conversation regarding Angel Finance.

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