Grant Advice & Applications

Are you missing out on funding available for your business?

If you don’t know because you are not sure where to look or what’s available, then we will be able to help.

Research recently published by the Federation of Small Businesses indicated that 90%+ of SMEs are missing out on funding available specifically to them. We can help you source and apply for grants and other economic incentives for your business investment plans.

Funding triggers

The need for additional funding can be triggered by a number of factors:

  • New product development.
  • Start-up funding.
  • Building up operations to meet demand.
  • Hiring more people to produce, sell, service and manage.
  • Buying or leasing new premises.
  • Exporting to overseas markets

In addition, there are industry-specific grants, including the Food Processing, Marketing, and Co-operation Grant Schemes for the Food & Drink sector. Numerous other grants are available too. Please contact us for an overview of the relevant grants for your situation.

Applying for grants

While applying for grants may initially seem burdensome and divert attention from business operations and goals, it’s worth noting that many attribute their growth to the funding obtained and the rigorous application process.

Despite the time commitment, the application process can yield positive outcomes for your business.

By carefully examining your current activities, future aspirations, and business trajectory, you can convince funders that your proposals are economically viable and will lead to sustainable growth for all parties involved. This analysis helps refine your ideas and serves as a catalyst for development and innovation, transforming your vision into reality.

How can we help?

We have vast experience in helping clients apply for grants from various sources, including government entities, such as the Scottish and UK governments, EU sources, Big Lottery grants, and employment grants. 

Using our 5-step process our team will guide you through the application, leveraging our expertise to ensure your application meets the intricate qualification criteria.

What will our grant claims advice give you?

Our grant claims advice will provide you with a comprehensive solution that includes quick identification of the most appropriate grants and incentives for your business, facilitating productive brainstorming sessions with your management team and key individuals to define your proposition and funding pitch.

Contact us today to find out how we can offer professional and experienced assistance throughout the grant application process.

Euan Ferries

Associate Director

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