Business Valuations

Whether you're planning to exit, sell a portion of your business, or acquire another company, we offer a realistic and impartial assessment of its true market value.

For buyers, we ensure you don't overpay and receive the expected benefits, while having enough funds for integration and increased working capital. For sellers, we help you maximise the sale price by presenting your business favourably to potential investors or buyers.

Preparing your business for sale can take months to years, depending on your desired price and goals. We consider these factors when valuing your business. Additionally, we assist with valuation computations, considering future trading, earnings potential, cash flow capitalisation, and short to long-term liabilities.

We can also look at the taxation position – corporate, employer and any other reliefs or incentives that are available to you which may help to fund the purchase and/or get the deal over the line.

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Euan Ferries

Associate Director

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