Statutory Audit

Our customised statutory audit service is designed to meet your business's unique needs. With extensive industry expertise, our auditors provide added value.

We thoroughly assess your business, including risks, governance, performance, and prospects, offering valuable insights to enhance performance. We develop a comprehensive understanding of your organisation, establish clear agreements, and assign experienced auditors.

Our goal is to fulfil statutory obligations, improve financial performance, and minimise disruption during the annual audit.

We are authorised by, and perform procedures based on, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) standardised work programme. Ensuring you always comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Our approach

We understand that the year-end can be a busy time for any organisation. Therefore, we will start our audit transition work well in advance of the year-end rush.


This initial investment of time allows us to gain a thorough understanding of your current performance, industry benchmarks, specific requirements, and most importantly, the key issues and commercial risks affecting your business. 


Develop your tailored audit programme

We will tailor our approach to align with the statutory audit requirements, your internal timetable, and specific needs. 

Additionally, we will assess your performance in relation to your business plan, financial projections, and, if applicable, governance procedures and policies.

Project plan

We will develop an audit project plan to foster year-round relationships and communication with you and your team, beyond the annual audit cycle. 

It’s important to maintain open and clear communication throughout the year so that we can provide advice on relevant issues and offer you continuous access to our experienced auditors, business advisors, and tax experts.

Report and discuss

Our audit reports are thorough, well-structured, and easy to understand. 

Additionally, we will dedicate time to discuss strategic, operational, and financial recommendations with you, aiming to enhance performance and profitability.

Ewen Dyer

Managing Director

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