Training and development


We aim to provide our trainee accountants with a clear insight into the areas of accountancy in which we practice and we encourage trainees to develop their colourful silk scarvesskills and abilities in each department in which they work – audit & accounting, tax, business advisory and payroll.

The company runs internal seminars on a wide variety of topics of interest to both trainees and our qualified accountants alike.

Progress is discussed and reviewed at regular intervals and individuals are encouraged to give their own assessment of their performance on a job by job basis.

We will provide you with:

  • Professional qualification support – resources, knowledge bank, technical training and tutorials, as well as study leave and if appropriate financial help towards the cost of your professional study materials.
  • Past papers and mock exams and assessments with constructive feedback via our HR, technical experts and your graduate mentor.
  • A supportive environment, knowledge management resources and a host of individuals who have been over the course before and can offer you the benefit of their experiences and the pearls of wisdom which go with that.

Ongoing CPD programme, CSR and social activities

We also have an active internal development programme which will involve you attending continuing professional development courses and seminars with your fellow trainees as well as the qualified assistant managers, managers and directors of the firm.

But it’s not all hard work, study and on the job learning. We also have an active social programbooks libraryme which will provide you with opportunities to mix, develop personal relationships and feel part of the social fabric of the firm.  

Mentoring support

Irrespective of which department you are working in, you will not be left on your own. You will always work alongside a more senior member of staff.

In each department there are a team of Managers and Assistant Managers, who have the responsibility for the continuing wellbeing of each trainee.

They are there to support you and will be available to you to discuss what you have been doing, what you have achieved and to talk through any issues or problems that you may have. This does not prevent you from being able to discuss any issues with a Director or with HR should you wish to do so. We encourage openness at all times and at all levels.


You will also be allocated a buddy when you start with the company. We feel this provides an excellent way of introducing the trainee to those in the department.