Employer taxes and staff benefits

Our employment tax specialists help our clients by advising on tax issues that are relevant for their business or charity and if any potential tax savings are available they will be sure to bring them to your attention.

Many of our clients benefit from an Employment Tax Healthcheck which involves our tax specialist reviewing your current employment tax affairs, remunerationarrow people strategies and compliance with PAYE & NI legislation.

Following the review, you will receive a report outlining where potential savings can be made, and if there are any non-compliant areas, the corrective actions required will be highlighted. If you are interested get in touch.

Pro-active tax planning can save you money, time and it enables the management team to focus on the more strategic employment issues, and running and growing the business.

Whether you are a large or small employer, operate in commercial sectors or you are a non-for-profit charity or public sector organisation, we can advise you on the benefits you can gain from receiving good tax planning advice – both in terms of the tax savings and the additional incentives you can provide to your employees.

Our services include:

  • Review current remunerations schemes for directors and employees to ensure they are fully compliant with the current tax legislation – PAYE and NI.
  • Creating new remuneration and company share-save and option schemes that help to recruit retain and incentivise employees to higher performance.
  • Advising on salary sacrifice schemes, flexible benefits and P11Ds.
  • Company cars and fleet planning.
  • Termination of employment, redundancy planning and advice.
  • Advising on construction industry scheme (CIS).
  • Identifying ways to minimise NIC costs and avoid PAYE errors and the follow-on penalities.