Mergers, Alliances and Joint Ventures

Mergers, alliances, and joint ventures are strategic moves that charities often consider to maximise their impact and efficiency.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of the benefits and assistance provided:

Pooling Resources:

  • Combining Strengths: This approach allows charities to secure larger contracts and increased funding by leveraging the combined strengths of their partner organisations.
  • Sharing Back-Office Functions: By sharing back-office functions, charities can significantly boost operational efficiency, thereby directing more financial resources toward their core activities.
  • Enlarging Operations: Expanding the scope of operations not only enhances service access but also broadens the range of offerings available to users, ultimately benefiting the community or beneficiaries served.

How we can assist:

Assess Options: Our team begins by thoroughly reviewing your organisation’s goals and objectives. We explore various merger, alliance, or joint venture possibilities, tailoring our approach to align with your unique needs.

Partner Due Diligence: We conduct comprehensive assessments of potential partners, providing valuable insights into their suitability for collaboration. This step ensures that your organisation partners with entities that share your vision and goals.

Structuring the Venture: Our experts guide you through the intricate process of structuring the collaborative venture. This includes recommendations on board composition, selecting a lead partner, and addressing essential structural details.

Tax Considerations: We identify and analyse potential tax implications that may arise from your chosen collaborative approach. Our team also devises strategies for tax mitigation to ensure your organisation’s financial health remains a priority.

Compliance: Staying compliant with legal requirements is essential. We offer guidance to ensure that your actions align with relevant regulations. Additionally, we provide advice on OSCR reporting, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the collaboration.


By partnering with us, your charity can make informed decisions and enhance its impact through strategic collaborations.


We are here to support your organisation in achieving its goals and maximising the benefits of partnerships, alliances, or mergers.


Ewen Dyer

Managing Director

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