Charity taxes and VAT

Navigating the tax landscape for charities: expertise you can trust

Charities enjoy tax exemptions, yet many taxes can still apply during their operations. These encompass VAT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, SDLT/LBTT, Capital Gains Tax, Non-Domestic Rates, PAYE, NI, gift aid, and insurance premiums tax.

A Charity Tax Group study highlights these complexities.

We can help:

We assess tax liabilities for charities and their trading subsidiaries.

VAT: Determine liability, exemptions, and partial exemptions, while aiding in VAT returns and strategic planning.

Payroll: Manage PAYE, NI, deductions, and more.

Comprehensive Tax Advice: Ensure income, profits, and gains exemptions are upheld, provide guidance for trading subsidiaries, and address property, international activities, and asset disposal.

Gift Aid: Maximise claims and comply with HMRC guidelines through audits and assistance.

Contact us to see how we can help navigate the intricate world of taxes for your charitable endeavours.

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