Managing the pharmacy finances

Whether you're starting, managing, or growing a pharmacy, these insights will help you handle your finances better.

Efficient financial management is crucial for the success of any pharmacy. Here, we explore some key strategies and tools to streamline your pharmacy’s financial operations, ensuring both compliance and profitability.


Streamline with Cloud Accounting:
  • Digital cloud accounting makes managing accounts and tax simpler.
  • Cloud software is flexible, user-friendly, and accessible from anywhere.
  • Easily create invoices, reconcile bank statements, and more.
Bookkeeping Matters:
  • Don’t overlook bookkeeping; it’s a crucial control from the start.
  • Compliance matters: File company accounts and pay taxes on time.
  • Your accountant can handle these tasks and help with tax planning.
Cash Management:
  • Cash flow is key, especially when starting a pharmacy.
  • Forecast cash movements and review costs regularly.
  • Maintain a “safe” cash balance for unexpected expenses.
Measuring Performance:
  • Understand your pharmacy’s financial health to make informed decisions.
  • Monitor trends in sales, NHS income, and gross profit %.
  • Measure return on assets and set yearly targets.
Quick Ratio for Financial Stability:
  • Lenders consider your financial stability for funding.
  • Quick Ratio assesses how well you can cover liabilities immediately.
  • An accountant can guide you and use cloud accounting tools for easy calculations.

Stay informed, make smart decisions, and achieve pharmacy success with proper financial management.

Mark Tenby


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