Our commitments

Our objective is simple – we want to be viewed as your first point of contact for all of your audit, accountancy, governance, reporting, taxation and financial needs, as well as helping you to achieve your vision, objectives and return on investment you require.

Each of our clients enjoys a permanent, direct relationship with one or more of our Directors and Managers. This ensures that we always know where you are at, where you are going and what you mWebsite-MA-logoay need up ahead.

Brand Values

Our brand values define how we act, work and interact with our clients and each other, and how we are positioned and perceived. We are committed to achieving success for our clients and for our firm and we are committed to making MACO a great place to work.

We Care. By this we mean we are accurate, open, passionate, determined and available. We listen, we respect and we are responsive to people’s needs.

We create Success. We demonstrate in all our dealings with clients, with colleagues and the other professional advisers, industry leaders and regulatory bodies we work with that we are geared towards creating successful outcomes, progression and mutually beneficial relationships. We are confident, we delegate, we are motivated, we aim for excellent work and to exceed our clients’ expectations.

And Enjoyment. We enjoy what we do, our staff enjoy working for Martin Aitken & Co and providing our clients with outstanding client service and sharing their commercial acumen and insights for their benefit. We laugh, we’re relaxed and happy. We build and develop positive, enthusiastic people and teams and long term business and personal relationships with our clients.

Care. Success. Enjoyment. Not often words you read on an accountancy firm’s website. But then again, it’s not often you will come across a firm like Martin Aitken & Co.

We would be delighted to receive your views where you see our core values coming through and making a difference in your dealings with us. Let us know what you think.

To our environment

Our environmental commitment does not stem top-down from policies, or from our Chief Executive’s office.

Environmental sustainability at Martin Aitken is a systematic effort that flows from every member of our team – from the way we use paper/electronic documentation and interact and work with our clients, to the ways we travel to and from our clients offices and to and from our homes to our office. From the way we recycle paper, cardboard, plastics, food waste and other office waste to the ways and appliances we use to heat, light and secure our office, as well as the in-house kitchen facilities we use to prepare food/beverages during the working day.

We encourage environmental awareness in all that we do and we encourage each other to recognise that both our business practices and our own individual actions can have detrimental impacts on the world we live in.

It’s our duty to minimise our impact on environment. It’s our duty to comply with all the relevant environmental legislation and it’s our duty to encourage each other, our clients and the other intermediaries we work with to do the best they can to minimise their environmental impacts.   

To our local communities

We have an active annual charity partnership. Our current charity partner is With Kids and we are developing programmes of activities and initiatives that provide significant benefit to the charity. In previous years we have supported a wide range of both local and national charities, including SAMH, Beatsons Cancer Charity, Breast Cancer Care, Yorkhill Children's Foundation and The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow.With Kids charity logo

A number of our Directors and staff also serve on charity boards and provide their services on a regular basis to help to improve awareness of the charities' cause, help them to increase funds raised and support them by providing business, accountancy and tax advice on a pro bono basis.

For more information on what we do and if you are interested in becoming our annual charity partner, then please do get in touch with us.