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MACO pharmacy advert Mar 2019 pillsWe have a dedicated team of accounting, tax and finance professionals that specialise in advising pharmacists on all aspects of running and managing the pharmacy business and finances.


We also advise on on buying/selling pharmacies (see our tips below), succession planning for retiring pharmacists and our colleagues in Martin Aitken Financial Services have expertise in providing NHS pensions advice and advising on all aspects of inheritance tax planning and wealth management >find out more

Mark Tenby, Director, Martin Aitken & Co provides Scottish Pharmacist with a regular column on all things accounting, finance and tax for pharmacists. The articles have been reproduced, click on the links below to be redirected to the articles.

If you are looking to discuss your financial and tax situation with a specialist pharmacy accountant, get in touch with Mark by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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Surprised by your recent tax bills? Three potential reasons why your tax bill may have increased and what you can do about it >read more


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Out with the old tax year and in with the new. Tax planning tips and 5 things you need to know about the new tax year >read more


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Budget 2018: the key impacts on pharmacists >read more

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MTD for VAT: are you ready for 1 April 2019 >read more

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Selling the pharmacy or nearing retirement? Get your tax ducks in a row. Read our pointers on what to do to avoid an unexpected tax bill following the sale >read more

OutlookAre you ready to own a pharmacy? If you are considering a purchase read Mark's tips so that you know exactly what you need to do and the likely hurdles you'll need to get over to complete a purchase >read more


arrow people Growing the pharmacy profits: align your strategy with the opportunities for growth. Questions and considerations for your business and financial planning process >read more


MACO investManaging the pharmacy finances. If you have recently opened a new pharmacy, taken over a pharmacy, or if you have been running one for a while and would like to get a better handle on the finances, this article will provide you with practical suggestions on improving the day to day management >read more