VAT and indirect taxes

The issues and questions surrounding VAT can be complex. They can also be notoriously difficult to resolve and the rules and regulations are constantly changing and evolving.attention to detail 2

However, most VAT problems, whilst challenging for businesses and charities to resolve in-house, can be swiftly remedied by receiving input and planning advice from someone who does it every day.

As VAT impacts on just about everything in business and HMRC are active in targeting specific types of business and market sectors on a regular basis to ensure compliance, it’s important that you know exactly whether and where VAT is due, or not due.

Irrespective of which particular industry your operate in, or whether you are commercial business, a charity or a public body, you are likely to require advice on VAT, even if it’s only to confirm that VAT is not applicable, as the penalties for avoidance can be particularly severe.

VAT advice: E-learning videosoffice worker icon

  • MTD for VAT - three short videos on what you need to do to prepare for MTD >watch now
  • What is VAT and the importance of VAT awareness >watch now
  • Reclaiming input VAT >watch now
  • VAT rates explained: standard, zero-rate and reduced rate >watch now
  • VAT on land and buildings: option to tax >watch now
  • Construction industry reverse charged from 1 October 2019 (delayed until Oct 2020) >watch now
  • Are charities reclaiming all the VAT they are entitled to? >watch now

If you need advice about VAT returns and compliance matters or you have a query about a particular transaction either domestically or internationally, or you quite simply want your in-house finance team to have better understanding and clarity on VAT legislation, rules and penalties we will be able to help.

Our VAT specialists are experienced in all aspects of VAT planning and compliance, our services include:

  • Registration/deregistration for VAT.19942 MACO Tax Planning 36
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns.
  • Advice on VAT schemes available to your business or organisation.
  • VAT advice on proposed transactions.
  • VAT and cross-border trade.
  • VAT Healthcheck - capital and revenue spending, property and land transactions, key controls review.
  • VAT training sessions for finance managers.
  • VAT investigations – pre & post investigation.
  • Negotiating with HMRC on your behalf.