Tax: transactions and asset purchases

Every business transaction will have knock-on tax impacts either immediately or at a pre-determined future dassets liabilitiesate.

Before you go ahead with deal or make the purchase, it is vital that you consider your tax position prior to completion, and post completion, so that you can structure the transaction appropriately in order to maximise the return you generate, and at the same time minimise the taxes payable.

Whether you are buying or selling a business, or if you are purchasing or disposing of capital assets, or if you have been invited to join a partnership, we can help you to structure the deal in the most tax-efficient way to mitigate and potentially reduce your tax liabilities.

We will help you with a range of issues you will encounter, including:TPL 2020 21

  • Identify the potential financial and tax consequences of the deal on your business today and your tax bill this year (and in future years).
  • Identifying the most tax efficient way of structuring the purchase.
  • Advise you on any tax warranties, indemnities, revenue clearances, VAT and any SDLT/LBTT that may be due.
  • Determine alternative tax planning strategies to achieving the same result and any constraints that you may face.
  • Personal tax planning and wealth management.

Our Tax Planning for Life guide provides a host of of tax and financial planning opportunities for individuals, couples, families and company directors. It also provides a few simple steps that you can take now so that you do not pay a penny more in tax than HMRC is due in this tax year. Download the guide >click here