Tax investigation protection scheme

We are always concerned about the threat of tax enquiries for our clients. These can be chosen at random and all taxpayers are more at risk than ever before.abbey tax tax investigation protection maco 18

We arrange a scheme which pays our clients’ fees in dealing with tax enquiries, to give peace of mind against potential attack and to ensure they can afford a full defence. >Think you're safe from an HMRC enquiry?

Costs for a typical tax investigation can often escalate, not because you have made a mistake, but because you are required to prove yourself innocent of any wrongdoing.  

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HMRC do not consider costs when conducting its often lengthy enquiries and even a basic tax enquiry can result in professional fees running into £000’s. Our business clients also receive free telephone access to a 24 hour Business Legal Advice line for Employment Law, Health & Safety and other Commercial issues.

Essential reading before you subscribe:

Subscribing to the tax investigations package ensures that we will do the following for you:

  • Handle all meetings and correspondence with the Tax Inspector.
  • Respond to HMRC on your behalf and provide you with full representation.
  • Deal with the tax authorities and prepare and defend your case fully.
  • Gives you complete peace of mind that the professional representation costs of your defence are covered.

That's why we recommend that all of our clients subcribe to this service.

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