Statutory audit

Our statutory audit service is tailored to meet your business or organisation’s requirements and specific circumstances.


With significant experience and knowledge, coupled with an in-depth understanding of Scotland’s key industries and market sectors, our auditors are well-equipped to add value to your business or organisation.

Our audits take every aspect of your business into account, including your key risks, governance, key projects, trading performance and outlook. This enables us to assess the real condition of your business and to add insights and recommendations which will help you to improve performance and to provide you with a robust and stable financial platform from which you can move the business forward – with confidence.compliance

The approach we take to auditing is based upon developing an understanding of your business or organisation and the financial, commercial and governance issues and risks that it faces.

We will agree your requirements, expectations and our respective responsibilities at the outset of the audit to ensure that we focus on the relevant areas, and we will ensure that your audit team has the commercial and the appropriate industry experience required.

Our goal is to help you to comply with your statutory obligations, improve financial performance and to perform your annual audit with the minimal of fuss and unobtrusiveness.

We are authorised by, and perform procedures based on, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) standardised work programme when we examine your accounts so that we ensure you comply with relevant laws and regulations.


Our approach

Understand your business/organisation

We appreciate that the year-end for any organisation can be somewhat hectic. We will carry out our initial audit transition work to get up to speed long before the year-end date.

We will invest time at the outset to understand where you are at in the context of your current performance and industry benchmarks, your specific requirements,arrow people and most importantly, the key issues impacting the business, the commercial risks you are facing and how we will add value to the audit process.

Develop your tailored audit programme

We will develop an approach which fits with the statutory audit requirements, your internal timetable and requirements, as well as reviewing your performance against your business plan, financial projections and if appropriate your governance procedures and policies.

Project plan

We will create an audit project plan which will enable us to build and maintain relationships with you and your team during the year – not just at the annual audit cycle.

It is vital that relationships and communication lines remain open and clear during the year as this will help us to ensure that we continue to focus our advice on the issues you deem appropriate, as well as giving you year-round access to an experienced team of auditors, business and tax advisers.

Report and discuss

Our audit reports are comprehensive, clearly laid out and easy to follow and interpret. We will also spend time with you discussing our strategic, operational and financial recommendations on how you can improve performance and profitability.