Risk management

We help businesses and third sector organisations to identify, understand and develop strategies to manage and mitigate the key risks to their business, finances and operations.Risk

Managing risk is an iterative process and requires ongoing attention and management. As some risks fade away, new risks will appear to take their place, and others will rise and fall in prominence depending on specific circumstances and situations.

Our advisers will work with you to identify and analyse the risks that your business faces day to day, as well as the medium to long term areas of risk. They will look at range of areas, including:

  • Your trading and production operations.
  • Financial, accounting and tax – direct and indirect.
  • People – your key directors and employees.
  • Legal, regulatory and governance.
  • Your markets, key clients and other risks external to the business that could have an effect on your ability to meet the targets set out in the business plan.
  • Environmental risks – both from an operational perspective and compliance with current and potential future legislation.
  • What actions are required to manage each risk (and when).
  • How to go about eliminating or reducing the exposure.
  • Developing contingency plans if the issue arises.

Following this assessment, we will then help you to develop a plan, and if appropriate, a risk register, which will contain action plans for each identified risk.

However, it may not be appropriate to do anything about some of the risks identified. After all in business we all have to accept some degree of risk. But the important thing is that you will be aware of the risk(s) and will have taken time to consider the impacts of the situation/risk if it did arise.

You will also of had the benefit of spending time with our expert advisers who will provide you with an independent perspective on the courses of action available, what others in your situation have done, and haven’t done and what have been the outcomes.

This seasoned and experienced opinion is invaluable when dealing with risks – both the obvious and the ambiguous.