Charity Re-organisations

Charities are not dissimilar to commercial businesses in that, cash is king.people arrows

Charities just like every other business need to monitor the inflows and outflows of cash carefully to ensure that they can continue to make the investments, run their operations and provide the service users with the help and benefits they need.

However, from time to time businesses and charities can find themselves in situations where they are experiencing temporary cash shortages and/or they are finding it difficult to meet their short term liabilities and maintain the levels of service their user expect.

If you are experiencing short term cash flow issues, temporary trading problems or you are finding it difficult to meet your financial commitments we will be able to help.

The key - call us in as early as possible, the longer you leave a problem the more difficult it can be turn the situation around.

Our services include:

  • Business restructuring
  • Improving cash flow and working capital management
  • Reducing costs and improving financial efficiencies
  • Cloud accounting
  • Compliance – we will advise you on your responsibilities as trustees and what you need to do, who you need to notify and what the likely impacts of this will be.