Martin Aitken Directors 2015When you are looking for accountancy, tax, business or financial advice, you want an adviser who gives you clear, practical and understandable answers that you act on straight away.

An adviser who talks your language and doesn't sit on the fence. An adviser who understands your situation, your business and the strategic and day to day challenges that you face.

You’ll want to know exactly what you will get from them, when they will do it, how much it will cost and what the likely outcomes and impacts of the advice will be for you and for your business or organisation.

You’ll also want an adviser who has the know-how and expertise to foresee the challenges, opportunities and potential future impacts of the decisions you make today. This is what we aim to provide to our clients.

Welcome to Martin Aitken & Co.

Left to right Martin Aitken & Co Directors: Stephen Neville, Jayne Clifford, Jim McInroy (Chairman), Elaine Dyer, Adrienne Airlie (Chief Executive), Patricia Halliday, Mark Tenby and Ewen Dyer (Managing Director).