Cloud Accounting

Over the past few years, more and more businesses have been adopting a range of cloud and online solutions to help them to manage and run their operations more efficiently.                                                                                    

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Many of our clients are benefiting from using cloud computing solutions, real-time client relationship management systems and online banking and investment services provided by the banks and other financial services providers.

Whilst not all businesses are comfortable with accessing banking, financial and accounting records and information online, there are significant benefits available to those who decide that an online solution is appropriate for their business.

Adopting an online accounting solution can provide similar if not more benefits than online banking to the time pressed business owner manager.

Online accounting solutions can provide finance directors and finance managers with up to the minute financial and management information, which can help businesses to improve their margins, improve their sales figures and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Xero Online Accounting or IRIS Kashflow?

There are number of online accounting solutions available on the market.Online May 15

Whilst they are all variations upon a similar theme there are differences between the packages and the benefits on offer vary according to what you want to use the solution for, the size of your business and how you want to run and manage your finances.

We have spent time using a range of online solutions, listening to our clients’ experiences and evaluating the benefits on offer from each package and their applicability to different types and sizes of business.

Both Xero online accounting and IRIS Kashflow are the solutions we recommend to our clients. Whether we recommend one or the other is dependent upon our clients specific circumstances and requirements.

If you are considering adopting an online accounting solution, give Mark a call or send him a quick email, and he'll arrange a convenient time to meet with you to discuss your situation and which cloud accounting and business applications will work best for you.

Keen to do some more research?

If you want to do some homework ahead of your meeting with, Mark have a look at the following websites which cover cloud accounting, plug-in business applications and next generation forecasting tools.

There's also free trials and a range of online videos ranging from 2 mins to longer ones, but worth a look as they'll give you a flavour for how simple accountancy is becoming and how next gen forecasting tools can really help you to improve productivity.