Family Business

Throughout our long history, Martin Aitken & Co has worked with Scottish family businesses. Family businesses account for more than 25% of our client base, with many of these being second and third generation businesses.

We understand that family businesses can have an additional layer of (political) complexity and conflict that invariably surface when the family kitchen doubles as family tree shadowboardroom, and we shaped our advice and services with this front of mind.

We often find that family members, both inside and outside of the business, can be reluctant to discuss the real issues as this can make them feel disloyal to their family.

This requires patience and trust to tackle these aspects and this is achieved in partnership with us as trusted advocates of the family.

This requires us to be objective, impartial and sensitive. We can add value in respect of advising your family business as we understand the business family.

Our family business advice covers all the bases: work, family and personal:

We can provide also you with advice on a range of family issues, including:

  • Family Business Structures (Shareholding & Financial Management)
  • Family Business Leadership (Family Governance, constitutions, charters)
  • How to represent the views of the family within the business
  • Family Business Succession (Transfer of leadership, skills and knowledge) and Planning
  • Family Business Conflicts (How to manage differences whilst allowing the business to grow)
  • Family Business Compensation

We are members of Scottish Family Business Association (SFBA) and Adrienne Airlie, our Chief Executive is also a director of the SFBA.