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Cloud accounting technology +
expert input from experienced business advisers.

The simpler way to record, comply, manage your business finances and plan ahead for a fixed monthly fee.

To help you to choose the package which is best suited to your business and market sector, have a look at the table below to give you a starter for 10.

When you’ve found the package which best suits your business, get in touch with us and we’ll give you a call back to discuss your choice and its suitability for your specific requirements.

If you’re still not sure, get in touch with one of the team and we’ll talk through the various options on the phone. >Get in touch

Sector Business Essentials Package Business Growth Package Business Premier Packages
Small residential property business (up to 6 properties). Residential property (6-20 properties). Commercial property developer. Large residential property business (20+ properties under mgt). Commercial property business.
Small building firm / sole traders Builders merchant (one outlet). Medium sized construction business / housebuilder. Medium to large construction company (multiple outlets/Scotland wide).
Manufacturing & Engineering
Small/medium sized workshop / production facility. Industrial/consumer manufacturing business (up to 20 employees). Manufacturing business (multiple sites/ locations) & exporters.
Professional Services
1-2 partner firm. 3-10 partner firm. 10+ partner firm.
Food & Drink
Small café / bar / takeaway. More than one bar/outlet franchise. Restaurant/bar chain (multiple outlets/locations).
Retail & Wholesaler
Small retail/wholesaler outlet. Large retailer/wholesaler (one outlet) Franchise Car garage/showroom. Multiple outlets, multiple locations.
Hospitality & Leisure
Small gym/leisure facility Owner-managed hotel / B&B. Medium sized leisure/hotel (one outlet). Large hotel/leisure development Holiday parks (multiple outlets).
Financial Services
1-2 director business. 3+ Director business (1-2 offices). 10+ Directors (multiple offices/multiple locations).

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