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Accounting and finance, digital tools and advice designed for small, medium-sized and growing businesses.

Fixed price cloud accounting packages + Virtual Finance Director add-on services.

Analyse Gross Profit

We’ll run our rule over every activity and every KPI as we aim to understand where the best opportunities are to maximise profitability and to reduce those activities that are just not making the grade.

Review Margins

We’ll look at your margins in the round and we’ll segment by customer type, product/service type, by market, by location, by sales team member to get the full picture. We’ll also take a look at what your competition are doing to boost their profits.

Financing Arrangements

What’s your current Return on Capital Employed ratio and could it be improved? How much are you paying for external finance?

What payment terms do you have in place with suppliers and customers? Are the terms working in your favour or are you running to stand still?

Customers & Markets

Which customers make you the best margin? Are you over-servicing some and underservicing others – have you got the balance right?

Do you know which markets are providing the best margins? We'll help you to take an objective look at your current markets and we'll look at potential niches that you could be exploiting.

Measuring performance

How do you currently measure performance in the buisness? Do you set specific targets and have regularly monitor outcomes?

If not, then you could benefit from introducing specific key performance indicators which are aligned with your strategy and objectives. We’ll help you to understand exactly what’s going on and what needs to be improved.

Cost Management

We’ll devise and implement a framework for investigating, monitoring, tracking and reviewing costs. We’ll then identify potential cost reduction opportunities, prioritising these according to the projected short and medium term savings.

What if?

What are the top five risks facing the business and do you have a plan to overcome them or mitigate their impact? What developments are taking place in your business and markets that may have a detrimental impact on your future trading and profitability?

Forecasting & Raising Finance

Have you forecasted and modelled the financial year ahead and are you prepared for the unexpected – have you got a business plan?

These are type of questions you will need to answer if you are looking to raise finance. Even if you are not you are looking for finance, you’ll want to know the answers to these questions, or least be working with us towards a solution.

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