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Accounting and finance, digital tools and advice designed for small, medium-sized and growing businesses.

Fixed price cloud accounting packages + Virtual Finance Director add-on services.

Strategy & Management

Do you have business plan and the appropriate management structure and the right people in the business to deliver the plan?

Do you have regular board meetings, team meetings and clear communication channels in the business to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction?

Controls & Procedures

Are you key controls and procedures documented and are all of the right people in the business aware of their responsibilities?

Do you have a system in place for recording key procedures, actions, dates etc to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked?


Do you set an annual budget and how do you monitor performance against this budget – and take the corrective actions if necessary to get you back on track?

Do you have a firm grasp of the business’ working capital requirements, cashflow and forecasts, including your current and future tax liabilities?


Is your business technology hitting the right notes or leaving your underwhelmed?

We’ll give you our recommendations on what’s working for you, against you and what you need to do achieve the desired level of performance.

Customers & Markets

Do you have a marketing and business development plan and who is responsible for its delivery? What’s your USP? What do your customers think about your products/services?

Are your markets growing or declining and what are your competitors doing to win your loyal customers?

Business Efficiency

Many SMEs work in a short-term, reactive fashion. Whilst this ensures the business remains nimble and flexible it may not be the most cost efficient way to achieve the return and level of profits you require.

We’ll help you to look at the various aspects of your business to ensure they are operating efficiently.


Are you capitalising on your strengths and have strategies in place to address your weaknesses? What opportunities can you exploit and what tare the key risks and threats to your business and future profitability?

Risks & Continuity

Do the directors regularly discuss the key risks facing the business and do you have a plan to manage or mitigate the impact of these risks should they arise?

Do you have a business continuity plan to ensure that you can continue to trade in the event of a serious disruption or unforeseen event occurring that impacts your ability to operate?

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