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Accounting and finance, digital tools and advice designed for small, medium-sized and growing businesses.

Fixed price cloud accounting packages + Virtual Finance Director add-on services.

Strategic Review

We’ll review your current key performance indicators and frequency of reporting, then we’ll look at your daily, monthly, quarterly, annual reporting requirements.

You'll receive our views on the areas which are out alignment and those which require improvement and we’ll help you to put the revised reporting procedures in place.

Reporting options

The cloud accounting solutions we recommend offer comprehensive business reporting options, but which are best suited to your business?

We’ll help you to establish or refine the reporting processes in the business and we’ll recommend the right reports and the frequency of reporting required to ensure you get the right information at the right time.

Setting targets

If you don’t set a target, how will you know when you reached your goal?

We’ll work with the directors and senior managers to introduce budgets, forecasts and appropriate targets into the business.

Managing Costs

First things first, we’ll gather all the fixed and variable cost raw data, then we’ll analyse and identify potential saving opportunities.

Following this, we’ll develop procedures and implement them in the business to help you manage and control your costs.

Monitoring trends

The best time to fix a problem is before it arises.

We’ll help you to look at the financial trends in the business, for instance, the times during the year where things can get uncomfortable from a cash perspective, and we’ll forecast your cash and financing requirements so that you develop a plan to manage the challenges before they become problems – and you can speak to the bank, before they speak to you.


How does your business performance compare to your competitors? Are their key financial ratios better than yours and is this giving them the competitive edge over you?

We’ll look at your immediate peer group and some of the best and worst performing businesses in your market sector and we’ll look for areas where you need to catch up and areas where you can get further ahead.

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