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Accounting and finance, digital tools and advice designed for small, medium-sized and growing businesses.

Fixed price cloud accounting packages + Virtual Finance Director add-on services.

Review & SWOT

We’ll take a look at recent performance, including your business’ current strengths, weakness and the threats and risks the business is facing.

We’ll also compare the key financial metrics and ratios to others in your industry to benchmark your performance and to uncover potential areas for improvement.

Business Opportunities

What opportunities are you pursuing today and what’s on the horizon?

We’ll help you to examine the potential opportunities for growth and with some additional development and/or investment the opportunities you could exploit in future.


What are your key business risks and do you have a plan to manage and mitigate these risks if they arise? We’ll grade the threats according to the level of potential impact on your business and we’ll help you to develop contingency plans.

Better to be prepared than sticking your head in the sand hoping it’ll never happen.


Do you have right people with the right skills, capabilities and wherewithal to drive the business forward?

Where are the gaps in your talent pool, what additional resources do you require and what management development, coaching or training is required?

Action Plan

We’ll work with you do develop your strategic and operational action plan which will inform the business plan. This will help you to focus your efforts, resources and time on the right areas of the business and the best opportunities for growth.

If you are seeking to raise external finance or apply for grant funding, we’ll help you to get the business plan investor ready.

The plan will effectively set the blueprint against which future performance will be measured. We can also assist in the development of your regular reporting requirements – producing management accounts, KPI reporting, preparing Board packs and investor briefing packs.

Projections & Budgets

As you would expect from an accountancy firm, producing financial projections, budgets and cashflow forecasts and what if scenario planning is our bread and butter.

We’ll run the numbers for you using the nextgen forecasting tool Gearshift so that you get a better handle on what’s potentially up ahead.

We'll outline various scenarios that you could encounter in the year ahead and the options available to you so that you can see the impact the decision decisions you make today will have on the future.

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