Buying and selling businesses

If you are buying or selling a business, or part of business, before you commit you will want to have a full understanding of exactly what you will receive. 

If you are selling you will want to have a good understanding of what a potential buyer may think about your business, what value they may colourful clothesplace on it and the other considerations they may make about what you are selling.

You’ll also need guidance on what needs happen to make the deal progress smoothly and what may need to be done post acquisition/sale.

You will also want to ensure that you maximise the return you generate from the deal and minimise any potential tax liabilities the deal creates for the business, and potentially you, personally.

We will provide you guidance and advice on all aspects, including:

  • Strategic review of your options – when is the best time to buy/sell, what are the market conditions, sources and availability of funding and what are the best options – trade sale, MBO, equity finance, debt finance.
  • Business valuations – how much is your business worth? How much will suitors be willing to pay? Has the seller overstated the price – if so what evidence have you got to back up your claim during the negotiations?
  • Post deal impacts – we will develop a financial model to forecast the initial impact of the acquisition/sale on your business and the impacts over the next three years.
  • Fund raising – we will help you to decide on the best form of finance to fund the transaction, and we will liaise with banks, funders and potential investors on your behalf in order to secure the right funding package to suit your requirements.
  • Grooming for a potential sale – we will help you to analyse all the aspects of your business that will be scrutinised by potential investors so that we can get your business investment ready (how long this will take will depend on the investment readiness of your business – sometimes in can take a few months, in other situations it can take 1-2 years to get a business investment ready).
  • Identification of potential buyers including the preparation of the Information Memorandum and conducting Due Diligence.
  • Manage the purchase/sales administration process on your behalf – dealing with enquiries, negotiations, agreeing Heads of Terms and liaising with other accountants, lawyers & funders involved in the transaction.
  • Tax planning – we will help you to structure the transaction effectively to minimise both the buyers and sellers tax liability and to maximise the value both parties receive from the deal.

We can guide you through the acquisition / disposal process, dealing with the other professional advisers involved in the process on your behalf: banks, investors, venture capitalists, grant providers, lawyers, HMRC and any other agencies or consultants who are involved in the transaction.

We will ensure that you have the full facts to hand - we are adept at looking under the surface and behind the numbers to reveal the true trading performance and market outlook for the business you are considering buying. We’ll also run the numbers forjigsaw pieces the business for the next few years which will give you an accurate picture of exactly what you are getting into and what the likely return on investment will be – this all helps when it comes to negotiating the price.

We will help you get the basics right and we’ll guide you through the complete process – we will ensure that all planning, succession, integration and funding issues are extensively considered and that you are in more informed position to make the purchase or sale decision.

And last but not least, post-deal support

After the sale/purchase is complete, we will help you to prepare the completion accounts including any deferred consideration calculations, impact on corporation tax and any capital gains that may be payable following the transaction.

We’ll also ensure that any impacts on your own personal tax position are taken into account to ensure that any taxes that you do owe personally are minimised.