Business restructuring

We have proven track record of helping our clients to restructure, re-finance and re-organise their operations. We've helped our clients to get back on track and advised them on how to achieve the improvements to cashflow and profitability they required.

The key to this success – we got in early. We quickly identified the problem areas and the weaknesses, and working with the19796 MACO FINANCIAL ACUITY NEWSLETTER WEB FILES 03 management teams we developed restructuring strategies and action plans which achieved the directors’ objectives.

Where it becomes more difficult is when the directors have delayed the decision too long, or the restructure and/or re-financing has been forced by a lender/funder.

In these distressed situations it can become more difficult to conduct a restructure and achieve all the objectives the directors require.

So, our advice, if you think a restructure is required, or if want to simplify your operation, normally applicable to groups, or even if you are thinking about selling part of the organisation off at some future date we will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Some examples of how we have helped clients:

  • Trading performance and liquidity reviews – we will look at cashflows, liquidity of the business, current and potential funding requirements, highlighting any weaknesses, shortcomings and vulnerabilities in the business.
  • Cash and working capital management review – reviewing revenues, product margins and profitability, cost saving and reduction opportunities, current and future external finance requirements and timing of potential drawdowns.
  • Strategic reviews – working with your management team we will conduct a complete commercial and financial review and will assist you to create a revised strategic plan including any operational re-organisations that may be required.
  • Group streamlining – applying for striking off or Members Voluntary Liquidation to remove non-trading, non-value adding or redundant companies from the group structure.