Accounting, tax and finance services

Our dedicated Dental Professional team, help our clients to plan, comply with their statutory obligations (accounting & tax), and help them to improve their practice's financial and business performance.

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We can prepare your annual accounts and tax returns as well as advising on your tax liabilities and personal financial planning via Martin Aitken Financial Services >more

Our services include

But it’s not just the compliance based services that we offer. We also provide a range of advisory services to help you understand your financial figures and to minimise your tax liabilities.

Our advice includes:

  • Customised accountancy and finance solutions for newly qualified dentists who are ready to go into practice themselves or ready to take on an associate position with another practitioner.
  • Helping freelance dental care professionals to register as self-employed with HM Revenue & Customs and provide guidance on the records that you need to maintain your legal obligations.
  • Helping you get finance to join a practice, form your own practice or buy over another practice. This includes carrying out due diligence work, preparing annual accounts, managing payroll and meeting all compliance needsPerformance
  • Using approved tax planning vehicles to reduce the risk of future tax exposure
  • Planning for succession: entry and exits from a practice.
  • Financial systems: sourcing and advising on the set-up of specialist accounts packages.
  • Assistance with superannuation certificates.
  • Helping you manage your own personal finances, including making your savings work harder and ensuring adequate pension and legacy provisions.

Martin Aitken is recognised for adding real value and delivering sensible pragmatic opinions. Our clients appreciate our joined up audit, accounting and tax advice which is tailored precisely to meet their specific requirements.